II Strategic Meeting on Pharmaceutical Sciences
Seminar II Ibero American R & D Drug
First International Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy
- 9 at April 11, 2015 -
location: Blue Tree Towers Rio Poty

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The Strategic Meeting of Pharmaceutical Sciences seeks to expand the scientific knowledge through discussion of current topics and dissemination of scientific work that have being produced by young scientists in Brazil, especially in Piauí.


The unquestionable importance of science and technology in the field of pharmaceutical sciences is reflected in the extreme expansion of this area and the constant research for new drugs, which are designed to resolve current diseases and, this way, contribute to the social and economic development of Brazil, especially Piauí, a needy state of attention and resources.


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Video I EECF(2013)

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Teresina, known as Green City, is today one of the fastest growing cities in all sectors in Brazil. A truly great city, not only in its physical dimensions, but in the warm way to receive those who come to here. Teresina, the third safest capital of Brazil, even surprises national and international visitors for its natural beauty and very rich culture.

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